1. Fine Management



                      Logo will be changed from the character "mountain" to three-dimensional pattern

                      Imply an eternal solid, grand and innovative theme

                      Green is the main color, symbolizing abundant vitality, development and vitality

                      Reflect people in Xingshan have a foothold in Hebei and head for the world

                      The lofty ideals and aspirations of integration into the global economic integration 

                      Perfectly interpret the enterprise belief of "long live the motherland, evergreen Xingshan"








                      In June 2006, the company achieved the right to operate import and export

                      the phenolic resin film water template of the company was officially exported to the overseas market.

                      "JMB" is the special trademark for export, and "JMB" is the combination of prefix of "JINSHAN MOULDING BOARD".








                      The logo, as a whole, shows faith and courage of Xingshan to commit itself to "industry leader"

                      Logo adopts the red for sun and blue for science and technology

                      Red shows a banner lifted by Xingshan in the field of template

                      It symbolizes Xingshan is full of vigor and vitality and a bright future

                      Blue embodies Xingshan owns innovative spirit and pragmatic quality

                      Contains strong capabilities for development

                      The rising trend combining red and blue

                      Embodies the enterprising spirit of Xingshan in scientific development and pursuit of excellence







                      Xiyuejia-the main brand of Xingshan entering furniture special board Market

                      The logo adopts the ideographic form of "home", with green and yellow as the main tones.

                      Highlighting Xingshan people's concept of pursuing nature, safety and environmental protection

                      It shows that Xingshan devotes itself to green furniture and actively creates a warm, comfortable and comfortable home environment for consumers.

                      From ancient times to the present

                      Man advocates nature

                      Harmonious coexistence with nature

                      "Green, Warm and Home-pleasing" Actively Advocated by Xingshan People

                      It will also run through the main melody of the whole development process of "Xiyuejia" brand.

                      Xingshan people are willing to join hands with you

                      Actively Pursue Higher Quality Home Life in the Future

                      Let every day be light and sunny